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Homes / Barndominiums

Whether you’re building a Forever Home, Barndominium, or Shouse!  Let the creative team at Elite Metal Buildings guide you through the process and help you get answers to the questions that matter most when designing your structure!

  • Homes – More and more people are using our buildings for residential use and saving thousands
  • Barndominiums are a new trend and options are endless
  • In-law suites and guest quarters are growing in popularity as well

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Shops / Garages

More and more customers are building amazing Backyard Workshops, Classic Car Shops and Garages, Wood Working Shops, Misc. Storage Structures for Boats & RV’s, or just a simple Man Cave to break away from the world!  Elite Metal Buildings has done it all, so let us help you on making your dreams a reality with our bolt together building systems!

  • Detached Garages – Perfect addition to a home without a garage /garages too small
  • Storage Sheds – Great for odds and ends / personal items storage
  • Backyard Workshops for hobbies
  • Small Boat Storage – If you’re tired of paying storage for your Boat or ATV’s , etc.
  • Camper / RV Storage – Mother nature is brutal and unforgiving when it comes to leaving your goods out in the elements

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Commercial / Trucking

With the continued increased costs of rent, leases, and overall costs, more customers are opting to build their own building and own an asset vs. continuing to lease.  In some cases, end users find that the monthly payment on the construction loan is less than the lease they are under which saves them money + adds an asset to their portfolio and business.  Which is why lots of customers invest by purchasing these structures and some even purchase to lease them out!

  • Warehouses
  • Retail Stores, Strip Malls, or Retail Office Space
  • Truck Garages
  • Trailer Storage
  • OTR Truck Storage
  • Trucking Terminals
  • Truck Repair Shops
  • Semi-Truck Storage / Repair Shops
  • Distribution Center / Logistics Centers

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Riding Arenas / Horse Barns / Agricultural

Being able to ride year-round can be the differentiating factor on what sets you from your competition!  Whether building a Arena, Barn, or Storage Structure, let the team at Elite Metal Buildings assist with all your Equine needs and much more! 

  • Riding Arenas, Jumping Arenas, Roping Arenas and much more
  • Tractor / Combine Storage – Expensive equipment should be in nothing less than a High Quality Elite Metal Building
  • Hay /Bail Storage – We offer great open roof systems to shelter and cover valuable products from getting damaged
  • All Farming Needs – Any and all agricultural needs and storage purposes

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Aircraft Hangars

We specialize in all clear span mainframes that clear as wide as 200’ with no columns in between to meet your needs whether you’re looking to store a Gulfstream, Cessna, or anything in between, let Elite Metal Buildings help you achieve your building goals! 

  • Clear span Mainframes up to 200′ Wide with no posts down center
  • We use only the highest quality materials and pre fab with precision
  • 100 % Bolt together kit that goes together painlessly the first time
  • Maintenance Free Products with some of the best warranties out there

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Mini Storage / RV Storage

We offer several different layouts and styles when it comes to Mini Storage Buildings.  Whether you are looking for the most cost-effective layout or you have a Custom Design that your Architect provided, we can make get you a no commitment estimate which brings you one step closer to your goals becoming a reality. If you’re looking for an investment, this might be a lucrative way to make extra cash while adding ad asset to the portfolio!

  • Self-Storage or Mini-Storage Business
  • Storage Building
  • Storage Units
  • Classic Vehicle Storage

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Custom Design

Although we love showing customers how to save money with more traditional sizes, and cookie cutter designs, Elite Metal Buildings has produced some one-of-a-kind designs based on customers needs and wants.  Let us know how we can make your wildest building dreams a reality! 

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