MODERN SERIES – Cold Form Kits

Elite Metal Buildings is proud to offer a better alternative to our Red Iron I-Beam product line!  

We believe that cold form buildings are the new wave of the future when it comes to steel construction. 

Offering modern take at engineering and design which cuts turnaround time by over 50% and has proven to save customers thousands in additional concrete footing costs as well as erection costs!  

No more waiting months for plans just so you can get started, and several additional months for steel to deliver.  In most cases, we can have final Anchor Bolt Plans AND Foundation Plans within 24-48 hours of placing an order, Final Drawings within just 7 days, and steel turned and delivered in just a total of 3-4 weeks from the day the order is placed!!! 

Whether you’re looking for a Carport/Roof Only Kit, Partially Enclosed Kit, Basic Fully Enclosed Kit, or Custom Design, the cold form series is simply one of the most streamlined and versatile systems to hit the market!

So, if Red Iron is just outside the target budget, and you don’t want to settle for a cheap carport style/tube frame structure, then we have the solution for you!  Our new Modern Series Cold Form Cee Channel product line comes with the strength of the Red Iron line but at a price point that is comparable to the lower quality kits on the market which is why we have seen so much success and demand for this new series of buildings!


*Galvanized Primaries and Secondaries

*26 PBR Panels with upgraded overlap

*Customizable Roof Pitch between 1:12 and 5:12

*Clear span Interiors 

*Heavy Duty Cee Channel Framing

*No need for Large Cranes

*Super user-friendly Assembly Plans with QR codes to link helpful videos for each detail to make install that much easier

Roof Only Structures

Partially Enclosed

Basic Enclosed

Custom Design

Call us now to ask about our NEW Modern Series Cold Form Product Line and how Elite Metal Buildings can get your project moving at Lighting Speed!!

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