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    One of our BIGGEST selling points is that we specialize in a D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) Bolt together kit, but we know that time is money and sometimes you simply prefer someone else to assemble your structure. Have our Certified Installers erect it for you in 2-3 days in most cases!!

    Our Team of Specialized Erectors are not only Certified Erectors but also Licensed, Bonded, & Insured to protect you in every aspect of your building project!!

    Call now to learn more 1-800-348-1305.


    • 100% Made in the USA!!!
    • Upgraded Residential 2:12 Roof Pitch for Residential Look ~ $1,200 Value
    • Upgraded Residential Trim Package ~ Beveled Edge Lip ~ $1,600 Value
    • 100% I-Beam Construction ~ Red Iron is the strongest way to build economically
    • Upgraded 80,000 PSI Mainframes ~ Strongest & Thickest in Industry
    • Laser Cut & Laser Drilled ~ No room for human error; Goes up right the first time
    • 100% Bolt Together ~ (1000 sq. ft. erected per 8 hours average w/ no prev. experience)
    • Upgraded 26 Ga. PBR Paneling w/ 4″ Overlay per panel ~ Creates Weather Tight Seal
    • Baked on Enamel Paint with 15 colors to choose from w/ 40 Year Warranty
    • Upgraded ZAC Screws w/ Recessed Neoprene Washers prevent Rust Streaks

    We include not only the Factory Drawings, but we include ALL the State Certified Stamped & Wet Sealed Drawings, Anchor Bolt Plans, & Reactions Free of Charge!!!


    • Some companies use lower grade steel to cut costs which lowers quality
    • Standard Roof 1:12 Pitch has an Unpleasant Commercial Warehouse Look
    • No Trim Kit leaves the building looking odd and bare.
    • Low Quality 2″x4″ Square Tube frame (OR) Low Quality C-Channel ~ buildings will weight 40% less, may only meet MINIMUM
      code ratings.
    • Standard I-Beam Mainframes are 30,000-50,000 PSI
    • Most Competitors hand cut or machine punch which causes cracks / errors
    • May have to weld clips / flanges & Possibly Issues Aligning Properly
    • Standard 29 GA R-Panel Sheeting is 50% thinner & only has 1″ overlap which separates over time as building expands &
      contracts from weather
    • Some companies roll or spray on the paint which faded, flakes, or chips leaving a old and dingy look & feel.
    • Low Quality Fasteners are the main way for companies to cut costs, but in turn they create rust streaks or black oxidization streaks all throughout sheeting.

    99% of companies will include the Factory Drawings which do not allow you to pull a permit, then charge you 1500-3000 extra for the State Certified Stamped & Wet Sealed Drawings, Anchor Bolt Plans, & Reactions!!